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Where Dubya Wasn’t

“The Prowler” on the American Spectator’s website accuses the White House of having “spurned” the first National Catholic Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. yesterday. Huh? I wasn’t able to go myself (up all night watching Toomey returns!!), but am told, from various sources, that the sold-out, packed breakfast had quite a number of White House staffers in attendance, along with a member of the Senate leadership (whose name shall not be uttered right now, our quota for him is more than full this week!), and a Cabinet secretary, among others. The idea that the president dissed this event, an inaugural event, is ridiculous, it seems to me. And the idea that he dissed American Catholics somehow–most of whom didn’t get invited to the breakfast and probably didn’t even know it was happening–is ludicrous. I’d wager that most Catholics in America don’t really care which events Bush shows up to or not. They (or we, since I’m one of them)–not a foreign race–want what everyone else wants: to know the president is doing his job, is a stable leader with vision, protecting and defending the Constitution, etc.


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