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Where to House Gitmo Detainees?

The Third Church of Christ, Scientist, in Washington is a repellent example of the Brutalist style of architecture (that Jonah, in another context, criticized last month). The congregation has long wanted to tear down the bunker-like monstrosity and build something more appropriate, but the preservationists have stopped them. I yield to no one in my support for historical preservation, but I cheer last week’s decision by the city to allow the building’s demolition. But in case the building has to be preserved, I have an idea: Since it looks like a prison anyway, and is around the corner from the White House (whose occupant wants to close Guantánamo), why not move the detainees to the church? For those of you lucky enough not to have to look at the thing every day, here it is:

The Gitmo of the Future?


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