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Where is the Outrage in South Korea?

Several people have contrasted the latest outcry against Israel with the international non-reaction to North Korea’s deliberate attack on a South Korean ship. But what’s even more striking is the lack of outrage within South Korea itself.   

B.R. Myers, author of The Cleanest Race: How North Koreans See Themselves and Why it Matters, joined me from South Korea yesterday to explain why. His answer: For South Koreans, there is a greater sense of identity with the Korean race than with the Republic of Korea.


1:47 — For many, a sense of racial solidarity between South Koreans and North Koreans supersedes patriotism.

3:30 — This sense of racial solidarity doesn’t appear mutual to me.

4:50 — Some South Koreans feel that North Korea is the better Korea.

7:08 — Why is the U.S. protecting a country that doesn’t appear too interested in being protected?

8:33 — Would South Koreans like the U.S. to leave and pursue reunification with North Korea?


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