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Where Was This Guy Eight Months Ago?

Over the span of his political career, Senator Rubio has taken every possible position on immigration. His latest:

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, a leading Republican voice on immigration, suggested Wednesday that major legislation on the issue probably can’t be passed while President Obama is in the White House because of questions about his willingness to enforce all the provisions of a new law.

Did Rubio seriously think back in April, May, and June — when his role was literally indispensable in passing Schumer’s amnesty bill — that Obama was willing to enforce the law? The president had already illegally amnestied the DREAMers in August 2012, and back in 2009 his DHS appointees had already prepared a memo on the various options for unilaterally amnestying illegal aliens.

(This isn’t even his first effort to distance himself from his own bill; in October Rubio backed away from the comprehensive approach of everything in one massive bill in favor of the House’s targeted approach.)

Are voters really so gullible as to believe that Rubio is shocked — shocked! — that Obama would pick and choose which provisions among the 1,200 pages of the Senate bill he’d choose to enforce? A certain slipperiness is necessary in a politician, but there’s a point beyond which it becomes disqualifying. Rubio has passed that point.


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