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Where In The World Is Barack Obama?

Hello again from North Carolina. One interesting thing about these last few hours is that the Obama campaign has not said where Sen. Obama will be on Tuesday night. The Clinton campaign has already announced that Hillary Clinton will mark election night in Indianapolis, where she expects to be celebrating a victory, but I just checked with Team Obama, and they say there’s no word yet on where Obama will be.

Obviously Obama is keeping his options open. What does that mean? Well, a happy-Obama reading suggests that he thinks he has a chance to win Indiana, as well as North Carolina, and is hoping to spend the evening celebrating an unexpected victory in Indianpolis, to go with his sure-thing win in North Carolina. The unhappy-Obama reading is that he’s headed for defeat in Indiana and is not quite sure of his status in North Carolina, where the Clintons have been campaigning hard, and where a smaller-than-expected win or a worst-case-scenario defeat could be embarrassing. Word is the campaign is expected to announce a decision later today.


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