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Where’s The Bi-Partsianship?


“Dear Mr. Lowry: Thank you for writing an article on the deplorable state of

domestic prisons…

“I must confess that the inattention to the brutality run amock

in the U.S. prison system

baffles me, since both conservatives and liberals would

presumably have a stake in comprehensive prison reform. Conservatives

are skeptical of government and bureacracy, and what else can be

more scary from this anti-statist position than a prison system

where prisoners are often raped and beaten and sometimes killed?

For their part, liberals have championed prison reform at least

since the early 1970s, though they have largely fallen silent on

the issue, perhaps because it was not a political winner. In

any case, as you say, incarceration itself is the punishment, not

the constant threat of physical and sexual abuse.

“Please keep the light on this important issue and maybe a

coalition of

conservative and liberal politicians will develop to address

this important issue.”


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