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Where’s the Bill?

A Senate aide complains: “It is noon and we still do not have final language – we are told there are serious issues still being discussed, and we don’t have final language to review – and they expect us to vote on a motion to proceed on Monday? We are told Senate leadership wants this to move next week if they can do it… a 7-title, 700 plus page bill that has not gone through committee – and we haven’t seen it yet!!”

Some Republicans asked Harry Reid last month to not let immigration come to a vote without the legislation being publicly available online for a week before floor action. So much for that.

My aide continues: “Nothing good for America happens when it is done behind closed doors and without the light of day… and not only are Senators lacking adequate time to review the bill, the American public will not have time to review and make sure their opinions are known…”

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