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Where’s the Fence on Our Southern Border?

The Secure Fence Act of 2006 mandated the construction of 670 miles of double-layered fencing along the 1,930-mile border with Mexico. The Department of Homeland Security claims that 352 miles of pedestrian fencing has been erected. But Representative Duncan Hunter (R. Calif.) notes that only 40 miles of that is double-layered, as required.

Critics of the fence assert that it’s a foolish waste of time and resources; it won’t work.

Apparently, Saudi Arabia disagrees.The U.K. Telegraph reports that Saudi Arabia is building a 600-mile ”Great Wall” along its border with Iraq. The barrier will consist of not two, but five layers of fencing, along with ditches, berms, radar, night-vision cameras, and watch towers. In addition, up to 30,000 troops will be deployed along the barrier.

The border barrier is being built to protect Saudi Arabia against the Islamic State–inspired chaos in neighboring countries. Meanwhile, the Obama administration issues the practical equivalent of an open invitation to anyone from neighboring countries (and beyond) who wishes to cross our southern border.

Who’s being foolish?


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