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Where’s The Outrage? Heck, Where’s The Concern?

So the President of Bolivia is clearly hounded out of office by the mob. Maybe he got what he deserved, maybe he didn’t. I’m learning about that now. But, um, where’s all the handwringing about democracy? When Hugo Chavez, the thug-in-chief in Venezuela, was ousted in a fairly popular coup earlier this year panties were bunched across the sunny uplands of American liberalism. What a terrible precedent! Whither democracy?!? When the Algierian military stifled an attempt by fundamentalists to impose sharia through a one-time election, the New York Times collapsed on its fainting couch. Well, isn’t anyone concerned that a bunch of hardboiled leftists and militant indians can hound an elected leader from office simply because he tried to impose order? Is there absolutely nothing troubling about this? I’ve listened to three reports on NPR and read several newspaper accounts and nobody seems to think there’s a double standard here. What am I missing?


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