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Where’s Stuttaford?

He’s on Amtrak, I think, actually. A friend (who was recently subject to some age cracks, thus the end of this) just emailed me a report on the most important thing (or so he says) that happened last night–the end of the Stargate season. I run it as a sci-fi olive branch to Star Trek lovers I’ve banned from raising the topic here:

SG-1 managed to save the lives of millions of Jafar – by thwarting the planetary nerve gassing plans of the nefarious “Trust.”

Colonel Samatha Carter, clad in half of a new Catwoman outfit (she was fully clad, but the black shiney stuff was confined to above the waist) was responsible for cracking the mystery and stopping the bad guys.

Just don’t know what I will do until next year. At least there was “closure” to the season – rather than leave us hanging – ala past years. Hmm. Maybe it will go off the air? Zounds! “Swack” “Boff!” (Archaic reference to cartoon aspects of mid-60s TV show “Batman”)

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