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While the Middle East Burns . . .

Secretary of state John Kerry made a lot of news last week, not all of it good, but Boston Herald columnist Kimberly Atkins notes that Kerry, who returned from India on Friday, all but disappeared over the weekend.

We’re told the secretary of state was at his Nantucket estate. Nantucket visitor Owen Perkins tells us he spotted Kerry on Sunday and snapped the picture below, in which the secretary of state is riding what appears to be a woman’s bike, his dog trailing behind him. Perkins posted the picture to his Instagram account, too. He tells National Review Online he took the photo early Sunday afternoon near Hulbert Avenue, not far from the Kerrys’ home on Brant Point.

The secretary took heat last summer when he was photographed yachting and kayaking off the coast of Nantucket in the midst of the turmoil in Egypt that saw the overthrow of president Mohamed Morsi. The State Department initially denied the report, which was published by CBS News, saying that Kerry was “working all day and on the phone dealing with the crisis in Egypt.” When the pictures surfaced, Foggy Bottom retracted that claim and told reporters that Kerry was “briefly on his boat,” but was on the phone with world leaders throughout the day.

A State Department spokesman was unable to confirm Kerry’s whereabouts over the weekend. E-mails to his chief of staff and another top adviser went unanswered.

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