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Whisky & Sir Winston

Cliff, you’re very right about the, um, elasticity in the way that the words ‘wee dram’ can be defined.


That said, we might disagree over  Red Label. There’s nothing terribly wrong with it, but I am with you on the superiority of single malts. Yuppie affectation? Certainly not. My grandfather spent his final years as a farmer in the far north of Scotland, just outside a town called Tain, a spot where yuppies then and, in all probability, now, were rare on the ground. When Grandad’s friends and neighbours returned to his house after his burial in 1975, they were greeted by a welcoming array of Red Labels.


“That’s very nice”, one of the guests, another old farmer, told my uncle (staring first at the Johnnie Walkers and then–with deep meaning–at a closed cupboard in one corner of the room) “but didn’t your father keep the Glenmorangie in there.”


At that point my uncle, a wise man, recognized that this was one of those times that Churchill was wrong. Sometimes you do have to surrender.



Updated. Earlier version (slightly) garbled. Whisky  was not  to blame.


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