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White House Admits Obama Delayed Executive Amnesty So GOP Couldn’t Campaign on It

White House press secretary Josh Earnest bluntly admitted on Wednesday that the reason President Obama chose to delay executive amnesty for illegal immigrants was so Republicans would not be able to campaign on the issue during the midterms.

“The fact is — or I guess, the concern is — that had the president moved forward with his [plan] prior to Election Day, you would have seen Republican candidates do more to make the immigration issue central to their campaign,” he said during a press briefing. “And in the event that they were successful in their campaign, the concern would be that they would cite their opposition to immigration reform as a reason to their success. That is not a storyline that the president, or that anybody here, wanted to contribute to.”

President Obama had earlier rejected the idea that partisan politics drove his September decision to put off promised amnesty for up to 6 million illegal immigrants, claiming instead that delaying action until after November would give the White House time to explain the policy to the American people and make reform more “sustainable.”


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