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White House to Nominate James Cole to Deputy AG

The Washington Post reports on Obama’s likely pick for Holder’s second in command:

The White House will nominate James Cole as deputy attorney general later Friday, filling a slot that has been vacant for months, a source with knowledge of the appointment says.

Cole is a former DOJ lawyer and member of Bill Clinton’s transition team. He’s now in private practice. Care for a few CV highlights?

–  Appointed as the Independent Consultant for American International Group, Inc., to exam its transactions and oversee the revision of its corporate compliance and financial disclosure policies

– Appointed Special Counsel to the House Ethics Committee for its investigation of Speaker Newt Gingrich

– Counseled Arthur Andersen in its efforts to revamp its document management and compliance procedures after the Enron related events were uncovered

– Represented the Chief Risk Officer of Enron

– Served as lead defense counsel in United States v. Edwin Edwards (former Governor of Louisiana)

– Represented individuals and companies in the health care field concerning disputes concerning billing fraud and abuse and FDA regulatory issues

– Represented individuals and entities in campaign finance investigation.

AIG, Enron, the Gingrich crusade, campaign finance, health care, and Edwin Edwards? Should be fun.


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