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White House: U.S. Decides to Stop Genocide ‘on a Case by Case Basis’

President Obama’s spokesman said that the White House team decides whether to intervene to stop genocide “on a case by case basis” while discussing the possibility of military intervention in Iraq.

“Each of these situations is evaluated on a case-by-case basis,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters when reminded of Obama’s recent statement marking the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide.

“At this moment of reflection, we also remember that the Rwandan genocide was neither an accident nor unavoidable,” Obama said in an April 6 statement.  “The genocide we remember today — and the world’s failure to respond more quickly — reminds us that we always have a choice. In the face of hatred, we must remember the humanity we share.  In the face of cruelty, we must choose compassion.  In the face of intolerance and suffering, we must never be indifferent.  Embracing this spirit, as nations and as individuals, is how we can honor all those who were lost two decades ago and build a future worthy of their lives.”

Islamic State militants are killing Iraqi Christians, Shia Muslims, and Yazidi Kurds — these last adhering “maybe the oldest religion in the world,” according to the Telegraph.

Earnest said that the United States cannot “abide” genocide anywhere in the world, but “the question is what and how the United States may intervene to mitigate the situation.”

“The international community is poised to do whatever is possible to come to the assistance of vulnerable Iraqis in dire need of humanitarian assistance,” Earnest also said.



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