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White House Uses GOP Congressman to Help Sell Net Neutrality, but There’s Just One Problem  . .

Net neutrality is a complicated debate involving regulation of the Internet and its service providers. The president weighed in on the controversial topic this week with a full-throated push for net-neutrality rules, to be enacted by the Federal Communications Commission.

To bolster the move, the White House released a blog post highlighting a broad array of individuals tweeting support for the new rules. The list included congressmen, governors, tech gurus, and companies.

Elected officials highlighted in their support were all Democrats save one Republican, Illinois congressman Adam Kinzinger. The White House included these two tweets from the congressman in their post, which is odd since the tweets seem to be criticizing the president and his plan:

Kinzinger, along with many other GOP members on the Hill, has been vocally opposed to FEC unilaterally regulating the Internet.

If you’re pushing for a sweeping overhaul of the Internet, it’s probably good to know who your friends are. And what they’re tweeting.

UPDATE: Kinzinger has replied to the White House, saying usage of his tweets in their promotion was “awkward.”


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