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The White House’s Generic Response to an Act of Anti-Christian Terrorism

As I reported in the Corner yesterday, these are dire times for Iraq’s ancient Christian communities. Virtually all of the 120-some congregants in Baghdad’s Our Lady of Salvation Catholic Church were killed or wounded in the al-Qaeda attack during Sunday’s Mass, according to Iraqi security. Violence and discrimination are driving this minority, as well as the other non-Muslim religious groups, out of the country, obliterating religious pluralism in Iraq.

How extremely politically correct and uncaring, then, is the White House generic statement on the incident, which does not even acknowledge who the victims were or the fact that they were targeted in church, for their faith.

The United States strongly condemns this senseless act of hostage taking and violence by terrorists linked to al Qaeda in Iraq that occurred Sunday in Baghdad killing so many innocent Iraqis. Our hearts go out to the people of Iraq who have suffered so much from these attacks. We offer sincerest condolences to the families of the victims and to all the people of Iraq who are targeted by these cowardly acts of terrorism. We know the overwhelming majority of Iraqis from all its communities reject violence and we stand with them as we work together to combat terrorism and protect the people of our two nations.

Nina Shea is director of the Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom.


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