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White, Racist Cops Plague Baltimore . . . Wait . . .

White, racist cops are the natural predators of the black man. We have heard this non-stop since the day that Officer Darren Wilson fatally shot cigar-thief Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. last August. We heard it again, quite loudly, when a group of NYPD officers confronted loose-cigarette seller Eric Garner in Staten Island. While trying to arrest Garner, Officer Daniel Pantaleo placed him in what is commonly called a choke hold. Garner had a coronary and died.

Now, Baltimore is trying to cool down after another black man’s death at the hands of white, racist cops. This time, Freddie Gray fell victim to these Caucasian killers.

This outrage sent Baltimoreans into the streets by the tens of thousands over the weekend. At a downtown victory rally, members of the Worker’s World Party waved a huge banner on the streets of Charm City. It read: “STOP RACISM & POLICE BRUTALITY!”

Damn straight!

And then I saw the mug shots of the six members of the Baltimore Police Department charged with causing Gray’s death while in their custody.

Wait. They’re not all white?

Wait. Half of them are black?

Wait. One of them is a black woman — named White?


Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News contributor, a contributor to National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.


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