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A Whitman’s Sampler

I gave a talk the other day, and a man came up afterward and said, in essence, “I have a beef with Impromptus.” I was all ears. “It’s supposed to be a bunch of different subjects, addressed quickly. And recently you’ve been doing one or two subjects, stretched out.”

Fair enough. Today’s Impromptus is “old-fashioned,” if you will. It addresses about 20 subjects, quick-like. If you don’t like one (can’t imagine), skip to the next, and to the next. A real Whitman’s Sampler.

What’s the modern equivalent to a Whitman’s Sampler? Not sure. Readers will know.

Dana Perino likes to say that Impromptus was the original tweeting. Probably, that nod goes to fortune-cookie slips.

Start your “Confucius say” jokes now . . .


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