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Who Can Blame Him?

Sarkozy won’t give up France’s nukes.

WASHINGTON – France will not give up nuclear weapons because doing so would “jeopardise” its security, President Nicolas Sarkozy said this morning as global leaders gathered for a summit on nuclear security.

“I cannot jeopardise the security and safety of my country,” Sarkozy told CBS News here hours before US President Barack Obama opened the landmark summit of 47 nations in Washington.

The French leader said he could not abandon his nation’s nuclear weapons programme “on a unilateral basis in a world as dangerous as the one in which we live today”.

Update: From a reader:

Sarkozy’s announcement on nukes demonstrates that we’ve crossed some sort of line, and not a good one. This is one of those ‘you know you’re in trouble when…’ moments. You know we’re in trouble when the president of France makes more sense on national security than the president of the United States.


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