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Who Cares if It Works?

As a follow-up to Kris Kobach’s piece a few days ago on the government’s lack of administrative capacity to implement an amnesty securely (something I wrote about in NRoDT a couple of years ago, thanks for asking), here’s a news story from a paper covering the federal bureaucacy making much the same point. There’s one quote from the piece that’s quite illuminating; when asked about this issue, Ted Kennedy’s spokeswoman had this to say:

The White House and the administration is very active in developing this information, so certainly there can be a balance between moving effectively and efficiently and understanding how agencies will be affected.

What this gibberish really means is this, to quote Dick Jones from Robocop :

I had a guaranteed military sale with ED209! Renovation program! Spare parts for 25 years! Who cares if it worked or not!