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Who Does This?

I know this is old news to those who followed the Smart case closely from the beginning. But this paragraph from the Washington Post stopped me in my tracks:

The ordeal actually began in November 2001, when Elizabeth’s mother, Lois Smart, encountered a long-haired street prophet, in an ankle-length white robe, preaching the words of Jesus on a Salt Lake City sidewalk. She hired the drifter, who called himself Emmanuel, for a day’s work repairing the roof of the Smart home.

I’m all for saving some cash, helping a guy down on his luck etc. But who hires a “street prophet” in an ankle length robe to do roof work? These people have young attractive daughters for Pete’s sake. Maybe it’s my jaded NYC upbringing, but jeez. Why not hire a stranger in a giant bunny suit to fix your toilet? Or maybe hire a naked guy in a trench coat to grout your tub?


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