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Who Framed Jesus?

A friend writes about the new Discovery Channel special.

Discovery Channel: Who Framed Jesus?

Logline: New suspects emerge in the death of Jesus.

I’m pretty much speechless. I was unaware the case was open. That said, good luck getting the Procurator of Judæa to prosecute. Guy’s got a serious conflict of interest.

Based on my knowledge of cable tv, I hypothesize the new suspects are:

1. Freemasons

2. Ghosts

3. Bigfoot

4. Midgets or dwarfs (TLC only)

5. Nostradamus

6. Hitler

7. A bridezilla

8. Flava Flav or Bret Michaels

9. The Real Housewives of Galilee

10. Some shirtless guy on Cops.

Just a guess,

Update: A fire-hose response from readers says my friend left out a key suspect: George W. Bush.


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