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Who Has the Floor?

For a long time, many conservatives were red-hot on term limits. “There is more turnover in the Supreme Soviet than there is in the House of Representatives.” If I had a nickel for every time I said that . . .

Then Republicans won, at last, and talk of term limits died down.

The Education Department stinks, and there is no federal role for education. But when a Bill Bennett heads the department — well, we see that it can be a helluva platform. I really look forward to the tenure of Betsy DeVos.

Now the U.N. My Impromptus column today begins with an item about that body. There are two cries, that arise at regular intervals: “Defund the U.N.!” “Kick it out of America!” Depending on my mood, I am among the criers. But an individual administration makes a great deal of difference. The U.N. can be an arena for the promotion of American interests, and of liberal-democratic values. Or not.

I remember what Sakharov said about Jeane Kirkpatrick — to her, in fact: “Your name is known in every cell in the Gulag.” Why? Because she bothered to name the names of zeks — prisoners — on the floor of the U.N. This rattled the Kremlin and elated its prisoners.

The tenure of John Bolton put a smile on my face every day of it. And I hope that our new guy — our new gal, lately the governor of South Carolina — will prove very good indeed.

What else is in Impromptus? Baseball, volleyball (?), food, and more.