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Who Knew? Larry King, Probing Journalist!

Hillary Clinton’s answers were terrible, but Larry King wasn’t throwing her softballs. Here’s a sampling of his questions (and here is the transcript, in case you want to bother with her answers):

KING: Clear up something for us. You’ve written this details of how he told you, the morning he told you, the grand jury. Others are saying you had to know before. There’s a book out that said David Kendall told you before. Now no one knows it better than you.

KING: What do you make of the stories that you knew before?

KING: Didn’t read the paper?

KING: Didn’t watch the news?

KING: So when he told you is when he told you?

KING: A few more items. Why did you not discuss the pardons?

KING: Didn’t you as citizen have some thoughts about it?

KING: Didn’t bother you at all?

KING: How did the Rose Law Firm’s Whitewater billing arrive into the White House?

KING: You don know how they got there?

KING: How do you feel about Susan McDougal?

KING: In the Senate yesterday, Assistant Attorney General Michael Chertoff came up to be a federal court appeals judge. The vote was 88-1. You were the one.

KING: Why?

KING: So you didn’t think him worthy of a judgeship then?

KING: Could have skipped the vote, couldn’t you?

KING: So you were making a statement?

KING: Would you describe the marriage today as strong and healthy? Or am I putting words in your mouth?


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