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Who Knew May 18, 2010 Was the Day It Became That Much Harder to Reform Two Entitlement Programs?

That was the day Rand Paul won the Republican primary for senate in Kentucky, defeating Trey Grayson, who wasn’t conservative enough for Paul. Whatever may be Grayson’s other faults, he would probably be a “yes” on the health-care bill (with perhaps some nervousness on Medicaid), whereas Paul is an automatic “no.” Not only does this imperil the entire effort, it means even if the bill somehow passes, Republicans have had to go out and shower even more spending  on other fence-sitting Republicans who might not be as much of a worry if Paul weren’t permanently off the reservation (and for ever-shifting reasons). Libertarianism at work.


This just in, indicating that perhaps Rand Paul is going to be a little less pointlessly destructive:

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