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Who Needs Tv?

The Derbs have actually been TV-less for 10 days. Our set (which is 13 years old) went pop. We called Sony. They said the earliest they could send someone would be the 28th. We said fine.

We haven’t really missed it. Saturday night, when the family normally sits round to watch a DVD, I just rigged up speakers to my laptop and played the movie on that. The kids grumbled at first, but enjoyed the movie.

Far more than he misses TV, my son (10) misses his computer, which he’s been banned from for a week because of some serious violations of house rules.

My daughter? Since the TV has no attachment down which she can squeal “Oh my God!” to her innumerable friends, it is of little interest to her.

Sony said that with a set this old, they may not be able to fix it at all, the parts being extinct. Then we’ll have to face the decision whether to buy a new set. I think we’ll mull over it for a few months.

(Though there is an element of cheating here. Tucked away in my study up in the attic, I can watch TV on my desktop computer. I hardly ever do, though

– just occasional news.)

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