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Who Next?

A military guy emails: I’ve heard Porter Goss’ name bandied about and that would seem to make sense because he’s former CIA. But, more often than not, Congressmen and Senators flop in high-profile executive positions (for recent manifestations of that phenomenon, please see the example of Les Aspin at DoD). They usually have little, if any, executive experience. Moreover, after being in the comfortable position of telling people how wrong they are/were and, thanks to their 20/20 hindsight, triumphantly pointing out all sorts of couldas and shouldas, they find the experience of being subjected to Congressional oversight to be a tad uncomfortable.

Mayor Guiliani has the bulldog reputation, plus executive experience and “turnaround” experience, too. Plus, his rep as a “house cleaner” would give Bush’s image as a serious war president a much needed boost. Bring on, Rudy!


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