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Who Wants to Cut?

Heritage Action performed a thorough analysis of the House continuing resolution, which included more than 60 amendments (out of more than 100 that were offered). They looked specifically at how each member voted on amendments that proposed “unambiguous cuts” to non-defense spending. Here are some of the findings:

– 47 members (all Republicans) voted for every single spending cut (italics = freshmen):   

Reps. Amash, Bachmann, Broun, Campbell, Chabot, Chaffetz, Coffman, Duncan (Tenn.), Duncan (S.C.), Flake, Fleming, Franks, Garrett, Gowdy, Graves (Ga.), Heller, Hensarling, Herger,  Huelskamp, Huizenga, Hurt, Jenkins, Jordan, Lamborn, Mack, McClintock, McHenry, Miller (Fla.), Mulvaney, Myrick, Neugebauer, Paul, Pence, Pompeo, Price (Ga.), Ribble, Rokita, Royce, Scalise, Schweikert, Scott (Ga.), Scott (S.C.), Sessions, Walsh, Wilson, Woodall, and Young (Ind.).

– 133 members (all Democrats) voted against every single spending cut.

– The Republicans most reluctant to cut spending were (in descending order, italics = freshmen):   

Reps. Reichert, LaTourette, Biggert, Gerlach, Simpson, Diaz-Balart, Smith (N.J.), Bass, Frelinghuysen, Wolf, Wittman, Dent, Dold, Grimm, Kinzinger, Meehan, Stivers, and Young (Fla.).

– The Democrats most willing to support spending cuts were:   

Reps. Costa, Peters, Boren, Holden, Peterson, Altmire, Cardoza, Owens, Barrow, Cuellar, Ross, Shuler, Costello, Schrader, McIntyre, Chandler, Donnelly, Himes, and Kissell.

More here.

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