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Who Was Really “Disgusting” in Terri Schiavo Case

Jeb Bush’s PAC has put out an ad that quickly references the Terri Schiavo case, including her photo. Readers will recall Bush worked very hard to try and save her life.

Terri’s widower, Michael Schiavo, has issued a press release calling Bush “disgusting” because his PAC discussed his efforts in that cause.

I have a different view about who is “disgusting” with regard to Terri Schiavo:

  • “Disgusting” is a husband who dated while Terri was laying helpless in a bed, and who eventually sired two children with another woman, while maintaining that he was a loving husband.
  • “Disgusting” is a husband who presented evidence to a malpractice jury seeking damages for Terri’s normal life span. But once the money was safely in the bank, this same husband ordered that Terri receive no antibiotics because “she wouldn’t want to live” in that condition–a little something he neglected to tell the jury.
  • “Disgusting” is a husband who put down Terri’s healthy cats.
  • “Disgusting” is a husband who melted Terri’s wedding and engagement rings to make jewelry for himself.
  • “Disgusting” is a husband who either ordered, or did not object, when Terri was refused ice chips in her dry mouth as she was dying by dehydration.
  • “Disgusting” is a husband who praised himself on his wife’s tombstone. (“I kept my promise.”)

One can agree or disagree with Bush’s actions in the Terri Schiavo case. But there is no doubt he was following his conscience.

As for Michael Schiavo: He is hardly in a position to cast any aspersions.


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