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Who Would Have Noticed? caught the following:  

Dan Rather, on Morning Joe, just said something a handful of minutes ago that will dominate a lot of chatter today and will have implications for the race going forward. Asked by Tiki Barber about his take on Fox News’ release of the Jesse Jackson off-camera video, Rather premised his take by noting that in today’s 24/7 news media culture, you had better be ready for anything you say to be on the front page of the newspaper tomorrow, after being all over TV the day before.

Rather then proceeded to talk about his respect for Jesse Jackson, who had certainly “paved the way for Osama bin Laden.” (Yes, the whole name.) Nobody reacted or said a word, and Rather did not notice. To drive the irony point home, he then finished by referring back to the “front page of the newspaper” a 2d time.

Personally I don’t think anyone would have noticed or cared about this comment — Dan who? Can anything he says really “have implications for the race going forward?” Doubtful. But Fivethirtyeight says it will be “the next mini-maelstrom” so in the interests of making prophecies fulfill themselves…


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