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Whoa, Lisa

The last thing I’d ever want is a feminizing of our military. But military bases are family affairs and therefore this is worth a discussion.

I love men. I love men being men. I love military men. And I thank God they are military men. But I find it hard to believe that all military men are “drinking and whoring Saturday night,” and if they are in any kind of majority, yeah, that bears scrutiny.

Like I said yesterday, I don’t know that Broun’s legislation is a good idea. But I know what he’s thinking: Porn is bad. Why is the military peddling it? It’s a good question. Not the biggest question of our day; it’s not the hill to die on, as many readers have put it to me. But porn in our culture does need to be addressed and discussed. And if that indicates a feminization of anything, maybe that’s what women are here for — to, every once in awhile, stand athwart history and yell, “Stop. What are we doing to our men?” Porn is a sad and lonely world, and I respect men — especially military men — too much to know they may be living in it. Is there a role for the government in it? I don’t know. My instinct is always respond ”no,” until convinced otherwise. But Broun’s brought up the topic and that’s a good thing, even if the bill isn’t right or exceedingly necessary.


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