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Whoa!!: Nro & Basra

Bear in mind what Rick had to say about Debka last night. Now: listen to what the site currently says:

Basra Shiites riot against Iraqi regime and army Tuesday afternoon. Shiite militias backed by British and American warplanes and helicopters in armed clashes with Iraqi units in city.

DEBKAfile intelligence sources: Majid Khoei, son of legendary Iraqi Ayatollah at head of 3,000-man US-backed Shiite militia is leading Basra unrest to stir up Shiite anti-Saddam uprising

Majid Khoei wrote this piece–”Freedom: What Iraqis Want”–not too long ago for NRO. How’s that for a small world? I still need to confirm; whoever is leading or will lead revolt against Saddam’s brutality, and every resident vulnerable to the regime: God bless them.

Update: I have some decent, but raw and preliminary information (though unconfirmed by any official source) that he is probably involved.


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