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Whole Lott of Calls

Here’s another member of the I Know Where Gulfport Is Caucus:

Hi Kathryn,

My name is Kim Hunt and I want to share with you my experiences with

Senator Lott’s offices. I emailed his office and got no response. I

tried calling his Washington office for several days and couldn’t get

through. In the last few days whenever I’ve tried calling I have

been sent immediately to voice mail where his mailbox is full and so

you can’t leave a message. I guess his office, and I assume the

senator as well, are tired of hearing from the people of Mississippi.

I just called his office in Gulfport since I do know where Gulfport

is. (I’m pretty good with geography. I won a million dollars on “Who

Wants to be a Millionaire” by answering a geography question.) I

told the person that answered the phone that I wanted to leave a

message with the senator there since I couldn’t get through to his

D.C. office. I told them that I do know where Gulfport is and that I

strongly disagree with the senator on the immigration bill. I said

that I am opposed to illegal immigration as are most Mississippians

and that the senator needed to know that. The woman on the phone

said, “Thank you,” and then I heard a loud click as she hung up the

phone. I think the Gulfport office may be getting tired of hearing

from the people of Mississippi too.


Kim Hunt


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