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Whole Lotta Big Deal Over Nothing?

An e-mail:

What we need is party discipline, not a “face” of the party in the whip position.  No one knows who the whip is.  The face of the party will be Mitch McConnell — if he can get between McCain and a camera.  Mitch McConnell is … a very effective combatant.  I think we are in good hands, esp. with Kyl as Conference head.

Moreover because neither McConnell nor Lott have any realistic chances to be president, they can focus on getting the senate back.  They can also let other up and comers be the face of the party as they do their work.  They big key is who will be NRSC chair following the feckless Dole.

To continue his optimistic note, I keep hearing good reactions to John Ensign heading to the NRSC