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Whom Are You Calling a Nazi?

That’s one of the topics Jay and I address in this week’s Need to Know. One scientist has had it with being labeled a “denier” (about global warming), so he’s resolved to call climate alarmists “climate Nazis.” Touche. We wonder about the sincerity of climate worriers who aren’t also great advocates of nuclear power and fracking (for the natural gas, which, of course, creates much less CO2 than coal). 

Is the Republican Party still Reaganite? Seems an absurd question since the Gipper is always on everyone’s lips, but Jay notes the collapse — even among Republicans — of the old Reaganite consensus about military strength being the foundation of peace. (Remember the MX missile? Reagan called then “peacekeepers.”) Another Reaganite legacy: the capacity to steer toward the middle, in favor of human rights and liberty, which sometimes (as in El Salvador) meant finding a true democrat to back and fighting the extremists of left and right.

Speaking of peacekeeping, Jimmy Carter has been urged, in pungent language, to stay away from Venezuela by a democracy blogger there. Harry Reid threw mud at the Koch brothers, so we throw some truth at him.  

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