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Who’s Afraid of Her?

Just read Iron Rod’s splendid piece, also taking some swipes at Virginia

Woolf. I say let’s bring her down. She was a horrible person–such a snob

she was even snobbish towards her servants. A feminist acquaintance of mine

some years ago urged me to read “A Room Of My Own,” told me it was a

founding text of modern feminism. What a crock–with all her money, VW

didn’t have a room of her own? Heck, **I** don’t have a room of my own. I

have a study, but it’s on the way to the downstairs bathroom, so I don’t get

much privacy. And the high point of “Room” is when VW is refused admission

to the Bodleian Library. My friend thought this was absolutely scandalous.

I pointed out that if, at around the same point in time (1920 or so) my

grandfather John Henry Knowles had showed up at the Bodleian in his moleskin

trousers & carrying his coal-miner’s lamp, HE wouldn’t have been admitted

either. VW was just a pampered middle-class neurotic with too much time on

her hands. The Bloomsberries have a lot to answer for. Their net

contribution to Western Civ was negative, and VW was at the heart of it.

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