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Who’s to blame for Sarah Palin?

We are! According to The New Yorker, you can track the conspiracy by the NR cruise itinerary. Rich Lowry seems pleasant enough on dry land, but cross a boyband talent scout with the shark from Jaws, and that’s our Rich prowling up and down the coastline:

[Governor Palin’s] guests, arriving on the M.S. Noordam, included Rich Lowry, the magazine’s editor and a syndicated columnist; Robert Bork, the conservative legal scholar and former federal judge; John Bolton, who served as the Bush Administration’s Ambassador to the United Nations from 2004 to 2006; Victor Davis Hanson, a conservative historian who is reportedly a favorite of Vice-President Dick Cheney; and Dick Morris, the ideologically ambidextrous political consultant, who writes a column for The Hill and appears regularly on Fox News.

As Jack Fowler, National Reviews publisher, recalled it, when the guest speakers were invited to come to a special reception at the governor’s mansion, “We said, ‘Sure!’ There’s only so much you can do in Juneau…”

Wake up, America! We cruise, you lose.

In other Sarah news, this is a headline you wouldn’t expect to find in The Boston Globe: “Palin Power In NH.” She was a big hit when I saw her in Laconia, and the campaign button I picked up – the Governor leveling a shotgun under the slogan “Read My Lipstick!” – is one of the few I’ll hang on to when this thing’s over.

As for SNL, Ann Althouse observes:

That was mildly amusing. Alec Baldwin got to stand next to Palin and insult her — by accident, thinking she was Tina — and then got to say something that’s true: Sarah Palin is more attractive than Tina Fey. Did Fey deserve that?

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