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Who’s Going After Rummy?

Michael Ratner, that’s who.  Al Qaeda’s chief counsel in the United States.  Ratner runs the Center for Constitutional Rights.  Read about them here.  This is an American — yes, an American — ultra-Leftist organization begun by Bill Kunstler and Arthur Kinoy which is suing our government in wartime for fighting the enemy. 

CCR has gone to Germany to sue the American Secretary of Defense, in wartime, for purported war crimes.  That’s what we’ve come to.  Don’t think this is al Qaeda’s law firm in America?  Here (quoted by Senator Lindsey Graham in the Senate debate over how to deal with detainees), is Ratner talking (to Mother Jones, of course) about what he’s trying to accomplish for the al Qaeda captives in Gitmo:

The litigation is brutal [for the United States].  We have over one hundred lawyers now from big and small firms working to represent these detainees.  Every time an attorney goes down there, it makes it that much harder [for the U.S. military] to do what they’re doing.  You can’t run an interrogation … with attorneys.  What are they going to do now that we’re getting court orders to get more lawyers down there? 

This is the enemy.  I don’t give a s*** that they say they are defending the U.S. Constitution.  Their purpose in life is to undermine the Constitution and American national security … on behalf of the barbarous murderers of thousands of innocent Americans. 

A law license is not a treason license.