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WH’s Reality Check Website Still Says ‘You Can Keep Your Own Insurance’

The White House is standing by the “Lie of the Year.” On its Reality Check website, an informational page for Obamacare, the administration still claims that the president’s promise that people can keep their plans if they like them is true.

On a page titled “You can keep your own insurance,” an official from the Office of Health Reform “debunks the myth” that people will be pushed off of their current, preferred plans because of Obamacare regulations. “To the contrary,” the Reality Check website reads, “reform will expand your choices, not eliminate them.”

In the short video, the White House official charges critics of the health-care law of “cherry-picking” information in order to negatively portray the law, while offering little counterinformation. In response, she urges people to revisit some of President Obama’s previous speeches on the law to better understand the situation and “see what the president is really saying about health-care reform.”

In its analysis of 2013’s “Lie of the Year” last month, PolitiFact called President Obama’s promise “impossible to keep.” The fact-checking website accused the president of knowing that his promise was not true as the law continued to be implemented, and that he “never adjusted his rhetoric to give people a more accurate sense of the law’s real-world repercussions.”