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Why Are Canadian Liberals So Lame?

From the Toronto Star:

NRO editor-at-large Jonah Goldberg, whose mother Lucianne ensured the world heard about Monica Lewinsky, attacked Franken for being “schizophrenic; unwilling to decide whether he’s a comedian or political commentator.”

He then criticized Air America for its response to Drudge: a tacky takeoff called “The Sludge Report.” In that, Air America stupidly refers to Liu as a “Liu-ser” and “Liu-cifer,” giving Goldberg an opening.

“I am delighted to hear that making fun of Asian last names is now socially acceptable according to liberals,” he wrote. “I am grateful that Liu’s last name isn’t Dong or Wang. Who knows what those jokemeisters might have come up with then.”

Goldberg has a point. But he shouldn’t have misused “schizophrenic,” doubtlessly — and deservedly — inviting criticism from mental health advocates.

I await the backlash from schizophrenics — and schizophrenics.


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