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Why Europe Needs to Pony Up

If Europeans are indulging in a vacation from reality, as Dr. Bruce Thornton contends, then what can the United States do to snap them out of it?

“We need some tough love with Europe,” Dr. Thornton replies.  The EU says, ‘It’s not a bipolar world anymore, it’s a multipolar world and we’re one of the major poles because of our population, of our wealth, our influence, et cetera.’  We should say, ‘Okay, but look, guys, the only thing that makes you significant in global politics is your military—and this is the bottom line—your ability to project force to work your will.  The disaster in the nineties in the Balkans exposed the pathetic weakness of Europe.”

The final segment of the Uncommon Knowledge interview with the author of Decline and Fall:  Europe’s Slow-Motion Suicide.

Peter Robinson — Peter M. Robinson is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution.

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