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Why Iowa Matters

Interesting Chuck Todd column (h/t RCP):

“I believe Iowa will matter a great deal. It has the CHANCE to END the campaign.

For instance, if either Giuliani or Clinton win their respective caucuses, they will have essentially won the nomination. If Obama or Edwards can’t beat Clinton in Iowa, they will have a hard time beating her anywhere. Ditto for Mitt Romney, John McCain and Fred Thompson in their attempts to stop Giuliani. Iowa is easily the toughest state for both Clinton and Giuliani to win, so if they can make it there…

Iowa is a must-win for anyone not named Giuliani or Clinton.”

Also, he thinks Florida is potentially more important than Feb. 5:

“I’ve argued before that I think this primary date has the potential to be an afterthought. Maybe `afterthought’ is too harsh, but what I think it ends up being is the exclamation point on whoever is the winner of Florida. It’s hard to imagine the candidate that wins Florida (on either side) somehow coming up short on Tsunami Tuesday.