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Why Isn’t President Trump Resigning Already?

President Donald Trump arrives to deliver an update on Operation Warp Speed at the White House, November 13, 2020. (Carlos Barria/Reuters)

For days now, I’ve been wanting to know the answer to this question. Wednesday got so out of hand. And the idea that the president was protecting democracy by sending an angry crowd to the Capitol is so distressing. I underestimated how many people bought into everything he’s been saying.

Resigning would be the decent thing to do – by not doing so, he’s not acknowledging he was out of line, he’s making governing more difficult, and he’s continuing to care more about Trump than the good of the republic. It should have happened already.

There should be a bipartisan insistence on this. I was hoping that with the leak about 25th Amendment discussions and with the House intent on impeachment again, he’d feel the pressure.

It’s remarkable — though not surprising — that there seems no one who can convince him this is the right thing to do.

Vice President Pence should promise to pardon him, because that’s the only circumstance in which he will. I pray Pence is humble enough to know that the presidency should not be in his future so he should just do it. We are a country in need of a bit of a revolution of mercy. Not on the president and the people who broke into Congress, especially ones who did harm to officers and threatened the life of Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi. But leaders on the right and left need to acknowledge the intense frustration people are feeling and turn down the volume of rhetoric. We also need an examination of conscience about what went wrong. If we weren’t living in a time of winner-takes-all politics, maybe we could get somewhere and people wouldn’t be incited to be violent. It’s wrong when it’s at the Capitol, and it’s wrong when it involves looting a Best Buy. We’re guilty of a lot of sin. Let’s not add to the list. Because it’s contagious. And wrong.