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Why Labor Unions Lose Members

Richard “Skip” Daly, business manager of the Laborers, Hod Carriers,

Cement Workers and Miners Local Union 169, complains to <A



They voted for a Republican who’s got the biggest deficit spending ever;

they voted against all of their self-interest. And the issue that came out

in exit polling was “we voted on the moral values.” What that says to me

is, these people believe it’s more important than their family’s well-being

that we don’t have abortion. And, to me, that is an intolerance that we

have not experienced in this country since we put into insignificance the

Ku Klux Klan.

Union leaders now think they have a right to impose the moral values of

Massachusetts upon their red state members. Union membership continues to



There is a connection.

The student protesters of the 60’s and 70’s didn’t all go to law

school. Some joined the staffs of major labor unions. Soon, the unions

funded by the dues of pro-American hard hats were pushing a McGovernite

foreign policy abroad and political correctness at home. The hard hats

lost interest. Wonder why?


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