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It’s hard to put a pretty face on the results yesterday in Ohio. Yes, Kasich is unpopular; yes, cops and firemen were included in the collective-bargaining restrictions (as they weren’t in Wisconsin); yes, Obamacare got clobbered so it was kind of a wash, etc.

Baloney. The fact is that the Stupid Party is simply dreadful at messaging. It leaves the propaganda battle entirely to the other side, and touchingly relies on common sense and good intentions to carry the day.

The Democrats, however, never do that. They play long-term and they play to win. They knew they needed a big victory to counteract their string of losses in Wisconsin and so they poured men and materiel into the Buckeye State, hoping for both a tactical and — more important — a propaganda triumph.

Done and done. They easily convinced people that a vote for Kasich’s reform was a vote to burn your own house down and assist in your own mugging. And so naturally, today, the chirping media is filling the birdcages with songs of how the Ohio vote signals a possible Obama comeback, gives hopes to the Dems, etc.

Having written the how-to manual on how to engage and fight the Left, I frequently get emails or see posts piously informing me that the Right is “too good” to stoop to such tactics, that we’d rather lose than win ugly. And this despite the fact that, over on the Left, they’re convinced that there’s nothing we won’t do, which justifies to them their by-any-means-necessary tactics.

Right. Keep on thinking that, conservatives. Just be prepared to keep on losing when winning really matters.

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