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Why Ted Cruz Gets No Respect

I wrote about Cruzs coverage for Politico today.

Ted Cruz gets no respect. At least no respect in keeping with the impressiveness of the campaign he’s built and his increasing odds of winning the Republican nomination.

The press and the political class are beginning to catch on to Cruz’s strength and there has been more talk of a prospective Cruz-Rubio race over the past two weeks, but his coverage and his buzz have been lagging indicators — and they are still lagging.

Consider the Politico survey of Republican insiders in the early nominating contests. After Tuesday night’s GOP debate in Milwaukee, it had as many respondents saying Cruz won (6 percent) as Ben Carson and John Kasich, (6 percent each). This is an extraordinary finding, given that Kasich showed up for the debate wearing a suicide vest.

Cruz tends to be an afterthought in the Sunday show chatter, and on TV generally.

The Atlantic tracks candidate mentions on cable TV. Over the past 100 days, Cruz ranks ninth among all presidential candidates from both parties, well behind Chris Christie and just above Kasich.


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