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Why They’ll Testify

I have a new story this morning on why, after all the negotiating, the Bush White House will probably allow top officials to testify before Congress. The reason: the White House doesn’t have a lot of choice in the matter. From the story:

Making the White House’s job more difficult is a report prepared a few years ago by the Congressional Research Service listing the instances in which White House aides have testified before Congress. The list is quite short from World War II to the 1970s; since then, it has grown progressively longer. Most recently, the report lists 31 officials from the Clinton White House who testified before Congress (along with their title at the time of their testimony):

Samuel Berger, National Security Adviser

Lanny Breuer, Special Counsel

Lloyd Cutler, Special Counsel

Lisa Caputo, Press Secretary to the First Lady

Charles Easley, Director, White House Office of Security

W. Neil Eggleston, Associate Counsel

Mark Gearan, Assistant to the President for Communications

Deborah Gorham, Assistant to the Associate Counsel

Nancy Heinreich, Deputy Assistant

Carolyn Huber, Special Assistant

Harold Ickes, Deputy Chief of Staff

Joel Klein, Deputy Counsel

Evelyn Lieberman, Deputy Press Secretary

Mark Lindsay, Director of White House Management and Administration

Bruce Lindsey, Special Adviser

Capricia Marshall, Special Assistant to the First Lady

Thomas McLarty, Counselor

Cheryl Mills, Deputy Counsel

Bobby Nash, Director of Presidential Personnel

Stephen Neuwirth, Associate Counsel

Dimitri Nionakis, Associate Counsel

Beth Nolan, Associate Counsel

John Podesta, Staff Secretary

John Quinn, Chief of Staff to the Vice President

Charles Ruff, Counsel

Jane Sherburne, Special Counsel

Clifford Sloan, Associate Counsel

Patty Solis, Director of Scheduling for the First Lady

George Stephanopoulos, Senior Policy Adviser

Patsy Thomasson, Assistant Director for Presidential Personnel

Margaret Williams, Chief of Staff to the First Lady

Byron York — Byron York is is the author of The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy.

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