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Why Wait on That Silly Constitution Stuff?

A professor from Harvard Business School proposes today — seriously — that Bush and Cheney should resign immediately after the election so Obama/Biden can take the throne:

Assume that Barack Obama wins the election, as polls show is increasingly likely. The following day, Vice President Cheney should be prevailed upon to resign. Using his powers to designate a successor under the 25th Amendment, President Bush should then appoint, and Congress should confirm, Obama as vice president (just as Richard Nixon appointed Gerald Ford vice president in 1973 when Spiro Agnew resigned). Bush himself should then resign, elevating Obama to the presidency – as Ford became president when Nixon resigned. Obama should then appoint Joe Biden as vice president.

With Congress’s confirmation of Biden, the new administration would be in place, on the job, and ready to tackle the economic crisis – in November, not January. (The electoral college’s official ratification of the election results in December would merely rubber-stamp the transition.)

He adds that the same should be done for McCain/Palin, but that it would be “particularly appropriate in the event of an Obama/Biden victory, since that ticket promises the most dramatic change”

The Constitution — it’s so passé for the elite Obama crowd.

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