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Why You Should Teach Your Kids to Become Little Tornadoes of Pain

Good for her!


A man tried to kidnap a little girl from a Walmart store, and it’s caught on tape. But the 7-year-old escaped because of the lesson her parents taught her about strangers.

Brittney Baxter was toy shopping at an Atlanta Walmart when a man grabbed her, tried to put his hand over her mouth and take her out the store.

But she remembered her Stranger Danger training.

“Yeah, I was just like trying to do like this and kick as hard as I can,” Brittney said.

The man dropped Brittney and ran out of the Walmart. Police wasted no time in looking at Walmart’s surveillance video. It not only captured the chilling incident, it also captured the suspect’s getaway car which was later pulled over.

Police said 25-year old Thomas Woods was recently released from state prison. Woods matched the video, but denied being in Walmart. He told reporters after he was arrested, “I didn’t bother nobody, I was never there.”

Woods was later charged with attempted kidnapping.


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